New Fuze, vocals bleary, unpredictable volume

I just bought a Fuze. I loaded music onto it that I had on my previous MP3 player, where every song worked perfectly.

I started putting the songs into folders, communicating with the Fuze with my laptop, but then I realized the Fuze doesn’t just let you drag and drop a file from one folder into another within the Fuze drive - it acts like you’re writing the file and deleting the old one.

IRRITATING! Like riding a rusty bicycle …

So I gave up on that and just left them all in the Music folder without putting them in subfolders.

When I started playing the music through the earbuds that came with the Fuze, I noticed that the vocals of every song were quiet and would fade in and out, and all the sound was bleary and fuzzy. I tried fiddling with the Equalizer sliders to no avail and nothing in the Settings menu did anything worthwhile.

Even the sample songs were playing this way.

The Fuze is fully charged - I checked. It has sustained no damage, I just bought it from the store today. My hearing is excellent.

So what’s my problem? Thank you, if you can help me at all!

It could be that the headphone jack is not completely inserted. Try pushing it in alittle more. Some people have posted a similar problem, and it was the headphone jack.

Yep, sound is weird, when the headphones aren’t inserted properly.

The earphone jack input seems to be faulty. When I use a Sony earphone jack, it works well and with a Bose jack it has problems.