Volume issues with Fuze

I have a brand new Fuze and have been just trying it out. Since I got it mainly to hear podcasts I was disappointed to hear a very, very low volume when I played podcasts. Not so bad for music. In looking up reasons why, I read that volumes can be different for different formats. I came here, and learned about the High and Normal volume settings, played with those to make sure that High is chosen. But finally, I found that by shifting the earphones jack around in the receptacle, I influenced the volume a lot, and could make it even weaker, and then again, stronger. It also appears to be capable of going in to two depths, as if designed that way. The deepest depth is the one where the volume is weak; if I pull it further out to half that depth, I get good strong volume. Is this a known weakness in the construction of the Fuze?

I don’t like having to wiggle hardware components of the device around as a way of controlling its performance. Did I get a lemon? Is it just the earphones or could it be the unit itself?

Try a different set of headphones, but it sounds like a hardware problem.

The headphones should go into one place and stay there. The jack in a new Fuze is tight–some people don’t get the plug in far enough at first–but once it’s in, there’s no deeper point beyond the right place.

You may have gotten a lemon. Return it and try another unit.