Volume has suddenly dropped on Sansa Clip

Yesterday the volume was fine on my Sansa Clip. Today, even with the volume turned up I am barely able to hear anything. The setings are ‘Rest of World’ ‘High’. What can the problem be?


did you check with other headphones and other music files to see if that is the cause of the issue?

You might try reapplying manually the latest firmware (available at the up-top firmware thread)–glitches can develop.

Go to Settings/System Settings/Volume and make sure that hasn’t been accidentally switched from High down to Normal.

Another thing that can make the volume lower is if the geographical zone gets set to Europe, due to EU regulations to prevent deafness. You’ll go back to defaul settings under Settings/System Settings–which means you’ll have to put back in any of your own settings–if you Reset Factory Settings. But if you want to try that you can make sure the zone is USA or Rest of the World instead of Europe.