Volume Control

Anyone know of a way to increase the volume of the sansa clip+ , other than the volume rocker

Under the player’s system settings, there should be a volume option that you can set to high.

Note:  when you set your region originally on the player, if you set it to EU, the high volume option has been disabled (per EU regulations).  In that case, to get it back, either reapply the firmware or choose reset all under the system settings, and then chose one of the non-EU region options.

Reset f_actory settings then chose one of the non europe region options set the volume to high now it’s all good, thanks for your advice_

I too have had a problem with volume.   I have followed the above suggestions… it is still too low?   I did have the Setting to “North America” and have now changed it to “Rest of the World”.  Still low?   Any other options?

Do you have the volume option set to High in the settings?

This is where you feel like an idiot.  But I am willing to share.   I had looked at all the controls and where they are when the player was given to me as a xmas gift.   Never had one before.   Of course, after awhile when you do not use things you forget about them.  So, I went back and reviewed the manual.  And there was the answer to my problem.   As you look at the Player on the left siide is the toggle for Volume control!  Duh!!   Evidently, in the process of putting this in my pocket several times the volume got turned down. Sooo, when I pressed it to increase volume,  it worked great.    A lesson learned.    :flushed:

@packgy wrote:

This is where you feel like an idiot . . . As you look at the Player on the left siide is the toggle for Volume control!  Duh!!

Don’t feel too bad. There have been others who have posted here asking how to increase the volume on these things who missed that too. :smiley:

I too am an idiot! Thanks for setting me straight - I didn’t see the vol control on the left side and was ready to return it !!

Now it sounds just GREAT!

This thread is very important to me. One of the Clips I have purchased has just lost the volume increase control (snapped right off the circuit board). This is horrendously frustrating. It’s good to know there’s a software fix so I can pump up the jam.