Voice-Problems playing back

Endless, the small isuues, aren’t they…

Recently got about 26 voice recordings on the device.

When I go Voice\Listen to a Recording\ and push the buton when the appropriate one is elected, it doesn’t play!  Instead, I get the pause active, and the device then proceeds to scroll through the list of recordings…1/26, 2/26. 3/26, etc…

It only holds the screen with each one for maybe a half second.  Scrolling thru all the files takes about 13 seconds, and then it just stops at the last file listed, 26/26.  And then nothing.  Still can’t play them.

I can go right back to Music, or Video and those functions work perfectly.

Weird, eh?

Strange days indeed. Try pulling them off the fuze and then play it on the pc. If they dont play on there then you are having issues with the microphone. If not then try to edit the tags. I doubt its tags but like you said strange things are happening.

Oh-oh…something’s rotten in Denmark…

The files aren’t ON the Fuze!  Must have moved them off a couple of weeks ago, and somehow they are still “ghosted” on there.


Disconnedted the Fuze, got the “Refreshing Database” message, then went to listen to recordings, and same bahavior as previously described.

They’re gone but they’re not gone?!

Delete the mtable.sys file. then restart the fuze and let it rebuild the database.

Try deleting your RECORD folder.

Saga continues:

Conversion box: deleting the file did not do the trick.

Sansafix:  Ditto for deleting the RECORD folder.

I’m stuck.

Interestingly, I CAN delete the “ghosted” recoding files via the Fuze itself using “Delete Recording\Yes”, but it’s taking forever.  And, it doesn’t address the root problem.

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Any other suggestions?  It took about an hour of (multi-tasking) time to delete each file from the Fuze on an individual basis.

I don’t remember having to go through this before.

Im wondering if some problem occurred in the removal process on the PC.

Can you retrace your steps to create some recordings, remove them using the PC and then re verify they are not deleted.

Try running CHKDSK in MSC mode to verify the filesystem has no errors.

Please confirm the Mode Setting you are using for the USB connection.

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Will try and report back.

I have the exact same problem.  I was listening to my recording on my computer via usb and wverything was fine.  I then attempted to make a backup on a dvd using Roxio.  The copies will not play with WMedia Player and now the files on the Fuse are hosed.  These were priceless recordings of my grand children and my mother.  I’m about ready to smash this thing into a million pieces and go buy a Apple device!

Saw this pop to top again.

I never did report back with further testing.  I don’t have the Play problem anymore, but removal of files from the Fuze is still an issue.  (I’m one or two versions out now, I’m V01.01.22A)

I can move files off the RECORD\Voice folder onto my PC.  MSC mode.  But the file names are all left on the Fuze.  The ONLY way to get rid of them is to select them on the Fuze and click Delete File.  It takes 2-5 minutes per file.  Very time consuming and annoying.

Voice Recording on the Fuze is very handy, but this bug is not.