voice recordings problem

When creating a voice recording everthing seems fine. I see the amount of time available on the internal memory left. I see the name of the file (bunch of numbers) and when I stop and select save it takes a few seconds and seemingly taking the time to save them. But When I go to the play a voice recording there is only an [empty] display. The info screen show zero voice recordings.

However, they have been made because when I connect it to my pc. They are there in the appropriate folder, I think it is called voice on the internal card.

I shut down and powered on to see if it wanted to refres the index. But it didn’t refresh after powering up. I took out the external card to to force a refresh and that did the trick! This surely shouldn’t be the way…it should be working…Sansafix?


 i just did a recoring with my Fuze  and after I save, it takes me to Listen to recording all is fine.  i navigate to Music, Recordings and its there.

Maybe try to reformat your player and see if its a filesystem corrupted related problem?

You know I love you Sansafix, but I aint gonna reformat now (again!) and re-sync the whole collection again until either one of two things happens:

  1. I get a good price on a 16g microsdhc card and I have it in my hands.

  2. The rest of my limited edition 9 CD 1 DVD 40th anniversary Henry Cow boxed set comes in December.

Which ever comes first! :smiley: 

-Fondly, Bob