Virus Clip

I can not delete or to insert any song in the Clip,

or do the format,

my scanner appears to have the virus on WORM / CONFICER.AUTORUN.GEN

and jwgkvsq.vmx TR / DROPPER.GEN,

what to do?

Can you run an anti-virus program on your computer and the Clip?

The Clip should not be affected by a virus designed to mess with the Windows (or any other) PC environment.  Oh, and by definition, an Apple is also a PC, despite the Birkenstock-clad marketing weenies’ attempts at revising history.

If the Clip will operate solo (on its own), try erasing the data areas of the device by going to the settings menu and select format.  This will erase everything except the reserved partition where the firmware resides.

Reloading your music is far easier than spending 6 hours fubbing with registry repairs and anti-viral sessions at the keyboard.

A footnote for the uninitiated: beware things like “antivirus 2009” or similarly packaged applications that pop up and steal center stage.  They are designed with a GUI that looks like the Microsoft Security window.  If you try locating a repair, the first vendor often listed (or often the bastards show up as a sponsored link during the search!), is actually the source of the malware that has infected your PC! 

I cannot overstate the importance of running an accepted antivirus, like Norton, Symantec, or AVG, among others.  The so-called “removers” you may find are no more than additional malware applications that turn off the annoyance, only to respawn later…“please send us another $59 and we’ll go away for another month” is what you may get.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I can not do the format,

all files on Clip is Read-only,

anti-virus program (Avira and Kaspersky) only detect virus but no delete virus.

The fact that files are read only has not affect on formatting a flash drive and would be very surprised if this were any different for the clip.

Hold the onions.  I asked if the  format function  is available on the Clip itself.  As long as you have the GUI on the Clip, use the internal format command to clear the device, then go from there.

If the Clip is not being properly recognized, have a look at the Device Manager from the PC side, uninstall the Clip, unplug, then plug in again.  If you are in MSC Mode , from the Run box, enter cmd  to get a DOS command prompt, then run chkdsk on the logical drive.  If, for example, the Clip is recognized as drive E:  the command is chkdsk e: /f  where the /f toggles the utility to repair errors found.

After the Clip is recognized, you can format it via the PC if you wish.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

I can  do the format in the clip ( format function on the Clip itself), and delete all the songs, but when I connect Clip to computer,or turn of and turn on again, return to previous state with all the songs.

When I do Clip format on the computer, nothing happens, still can not delete or add any file to the Clip.

Virus is the autorun.inf file and it can not delete.

Sorry for the bad English.

I don’t see an autorun.inf on my clip (MSC mode). Does anyone else have this file. There was some talk about autorun.inf problems in virus group. Can’t you just delete it. Do a google on fixing problem.

Autorun.inf is hidden file.