virus on my sansa clip

hello, im traveling in Asia and it looks like my sansa clips cought a USB virus.

since AV here cannot remove it, what is the best way to get rid of it ?

format it from windows ? format from the menu ? both ?

I have sansa clip 8GB.



Format it from the menu.  

Or just disable autorun in Windows and ignore it.  

Note that a format will wipe out your content as well.

I had a friend whose USB flash drive was infected with a really nasty autorun virus.  He primarily used the flash drive on his Mac and never had any problems with it, but when he plugged it into a Windows XP system, its payload destroyed a lot of data and was a real nightmare to clean up.

The only thing I could find to clean his USB flash drive so he could safely use it on Windows machines was this little program:

It worked VERY well!

Help! My pc had a virus and when I plugged my clip zip in, suddenly the screen only displays a single bright line and I can’t fastforward songs! Is this a virus or just screen danage, and how can I fix it?

How do you know the clip got a virus. There is a mechanism in which malware can mess with the autorun.inf file. I don’t see this file when looking in msc mode. Give more details.

While a virus infection can do nasty things to a computer, not all nasty behaviour is due to a virus.