Videos on Fuze

Hello all.

I recently bought a SansaFuze after being tired of fighting with the IPod Nano and I-Tunes. So I got this MP3 player and I am loving it so far. Best 80 bucks I have spent so far lol.

The concern I have is what would be the recommendation of viewing .vob video files? FYI .vob files are mostly DVD backups and I have a few of my own personal movies on .vob backup. Now when I try to load up the .vob file onto the SansaMediaConvertor it does not load up. Any recommendations?

I bought a Fuze myself today and had to solve the problem too. After several hours research, this is the solution that worked for me…

  1. Rip the DVD with a program like DVDFab5 or DVD-Decrypter.

  2. Load the ripped DVD files into DVDShrink , and “Reauthor” it, selecting only the Main Movie.

  3. Have DVDShrink generate an ISO file and save it to disk.

  4. Load the ISO file into Fair Use Wizard 2 and work through it. Let it output an .avi file.

  5. Load the AVI file into Sandisk Media Converter and convert it. It will now convert to a sansa file, and upload.

Total time for this process was close to 6hrs and I don’t have a slow PC. Not worth doing imho.

You need to convert the video first.  Then use SMC.

There are some free ones out there, do a search here. 

I use anydvdconverter.  It’s easier then the process listed above.  You open the video and click on “encode” and then after it’s done, use SMC.  2 steps.  I can do other things on my computer while it’s going along.

Check out the SMC board ( for other ideas and information.