What happened to the ability to convert .VOB files?

So I was having very good luck converting .vob files created by DVD Shrink to my Fuze through the SMC until I reloaded it.  Now, the interface is different (at least in color) and I can’t convert .vob files anymore.  Is this a disfunction of a software upgrade by Sansa?

I agree, the latest version of the Sansa Media Converter software seems to have lost the capability to open and/or convert .VOB files found on DVD files.  The Help file indicates that the software should be compatible with VOB files.  Not all files of this type come from copy protected consumer DVDs.  I’m a little disappointed that I must go through  an extra (and unecessary) convertion step in order to view files on the Sansa Fuze.  AVI is an odd and out of date format choice.  MP4 or WMV would have been better.

Does anyone know how to get a copy of the old software version?  I am sure it had it’s problems, but it at least did what I wanted it to.

Yes. The previous build (236) is here

As I pen this, SMC 4.236 is converting VOBs, albeit slowly.  I have converted video VOB files in the past using AndVideoConverter to AVI, and then the resulting files will convert readily using the SMC.

The final product on the Fuze / e200v2 is avi anyway.

Once you have AVI format on your computer, either SMC or the Rhapsody 4 client can import / transfer the video to the Fuze.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: