Video4fuze does not work ( what should I do)???

Video4fuze does not work ( what should I do)???

It skips frames and has an error at the end

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It has to skip some frames to convert for the Fuze. 

Check the Video4fuze thread.  You can ask ssorgatem for details, if he’s available. 

Patience, Grasshopper.


The first time I tried it, it seemed not to work either.  But, it turns out that skipping frame messages are normal for this thing, and any interruption that you do (closing the window/stopping the app because you’re getting those scary error messages) will cause you to have no results.

Go into the advanced features and add the argument “-really-quiet” to the command lines there (to get rid of the scary messages), then try again and be very patient.  You may actually get your file converted after all.

Worked for me.