Video4fuze wont work (skipping Frames) and other stuff

Video4fuze wont work (skipping Frames)

and it asks me to overite something then it says error at the end :cry:

Look for the video4fuze thread and post a much more specific question there. What exactly is it asking you to overwrite?

The skipping frames message is normal. Fuze only supports 20fps, so frames get dropped from the source material.

The overwrite message might be because of a temporary file not deleted after a previous attempt.

But yes, best to ask in the dedicated thread.

I saw the same thing the first time I used video4fuze on my computer.  Just let it run and it should be fine.

NO, I mean it skips all of thhe frames then there comes an error

Okay… no ones giving me real help…  i  searched all of the video4fuze errors but there solutions are not right in a way to my computer… i have windows XP and so i need to enable the wautver mode but when i find it it toest have a windows xp option on there… it only has 1995 2000 and other stuff to choose


People who view without replying obviously don’t have your solution. 

The compatibility options are for older versions. So Vista has an XP compatibility option. XP doesn’t need one. It’s already  compatible with itself. So obviously that is not your problem. 

Video4Fuze was apparently written for Linux and then translated for Windows. It’s made by and for people who know something about technology. It’s not a consumer program with a manual and a support team.

So if it doesn’t work for you, go back to Sansa Media Converter. There’s a whole forum on it–click on Welcome To SanDisk’s Sansa Community up there on the left under your name–and you can also call 1-866-SANDISK for help.  

ok, saying “an error occurs” doesn’t quite help people willing to help you. It could be anything. Without more information, don’t expect any help. We don’t have physical acces to your computer to see what happens there o what do you have in it.

We can’t guess your problem nor your settings. Without information, we can’t help you. And whining and complaining about not getting help doesn’t quite motivate people.