I appreciate any help you can offer.  I purchased a basic Scan Disk USB Flash Drieve from Walmarts last year and I’m experieincing trouble transferring videos over to it that are more than 2GB.  The drive tells me it has more than 14.9GB of free space and the videos are less than this but each time I try to copy, I get a message saying the file is to large for the drive’s file system.  Is there a way to reformat these drives to accept files more than 2GB in size.  If the files are less than 2GB, they will copy over.



!!  It sounds like the drive is formatted as FAT16 which is strange since everything from the factory is formatted FAT32.

Yes, the drive can be reformatted. FAT32 preferrably but NTFS will work also.  Backup all files and folders on the drive, format it, then restore everything.