Video playback out of sync after fast forward.


I know there are other topics about this but I can not seem to solve it. I used Sansa media converter ver 1.0 B004.256CDG to convert some divx files and put them on my Fuze. They play fine but if I fast forward I get lip sync problems when I resume playback. Could it be because I put them on the memory card? Does anyone know if there is a solution.



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I use my 4gb Fuze with a 8gb card and find no problems with my video after fast forwards. I found problems in the past and started using the Any Video Convertor software to first convert my video to avi then running them through SMC and found I have no sync problems in playing or after fast forwards. Hope this helps - though it adds a step to the process

Thamks mate I will try it.


Tried it and it is still the same !!:cry:

thats fuse video

get used to it

Try using rhapsody to sync the videos.