Audio lag when watching videos

I just bought a 4GB sansa FUZE a week ago and have now watched two movies on it. With both movies I have noticed that the audio lags behind the video. THe lag seems to get bigger as time goes on. I have checked the original movie files on my computer and there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I am wondering if anyone else experiences this, or if maybe its a problem with my specific player and I should exchange it. 


It is a common problem indeed, but I believe its not the fault of the Fuze, but of the Sansa Media Converter. Desynchronisation happens during conversion. How do I know that? If you rewind the video you have just launched by at least 10 minutes, you will notice the lag. So its not a question of Fuze not being able to cope with the video, but of the source file itself being desynchronized. Seems its just a matter of fixing SMC. But all the devs are saying is that you should try Rhapsody, they do not answer if they are working on improving the converter. That sucks, because I dont want to install this application. Besides, why should I be made to do so? Rhapsody is not related to Sansa, why should we use external applications then? 

That’s the only major issue that bothers my about the player. It’s a shame there is no real response to it, it seems the devs are simply ignoring the complaints.

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Thanks for the help

Its conforting to know that its not my player. I used to have a sansa c200 (I accidently put it through the wash oops. Actually it still worked for the most part, but didn’t turn off all the time), but i love the FUZE!

It is unfortunate that the media converter doesn’t work as good as it should. 

I’m actually a Linux user and since I couldn’t use the media converter in linux, and haven’t found anything that will do the trick I have to use a friends computer to convert the files, which is not so convenient. 

I guess there are a few people in my boat too, so hopefully something will be developed soon.

It’s a shame there is no real response to it, it seems the devs are simply ignoring the complaints.

They aren’t:

And this more difinitive answer from Nuetron Bob yesterday…

"The difference in frame rates may be a key issue with the audio and video sync problem on the Sansa: I think it might be a rounding error that grows over time.

SanDisk is working on the issue, I assure you, and they are thinking out of the box.  Two separate vendors for the SMC should be evidence enough.  It will take a bit of time.  Remember, not all video files or codecs are alike, and the Sansa is expected to work with quite a handful.  If it were a simple NTSC / ATSC issue, the problem would have been solved long ago."

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