Vault works behind password on iPhone, but is visible on Mac

Since you can’t create folders while in the ixpand app to nest files within the Vault, I inserted the USB end into my Mac.

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the Vault and could see all my files without entering a password!

I’ve been carrying this thing around not too worried about loss or securiyt but turns out it wasn’t secure anyway. Yikes!

Customer Service chat says to backup, reinstall and start again. Seriously? They act like “no big deal. Stuff happens.”  Not a great attitude for a security product.

Anyone else seen this?

how did you put the files in the vault? Did you use the Secure file option? If you just moved the files into the vault folder this does not actually encrypt the files. you have to use the Secure file option.  

If you used the Secure file option then when connecting to a computer in the vault folder you should only be able to see encryypted database files. To access the data you would need to install SecureAcces for Mac on the USB drive and run that to view the data stored in the vault. 

I don’t know what you mean by using the “secure file” option. I added the files off my phone into the secure vault. They were not accessible using iPad or Iphone without password after that, but they were accessible when the drive was inserted into my mac laptop.

I can imagine there is a step I missed but this seems to be more of a user design issue. Why would you have files behind a password for some devices but not all?

I do have secure access on my mac and was able to use that to again put them in the vault.

To actually encrypt the file you have to select it then choose the lock icon that is labeled Secure in the menu bar. this will move it to the vault folder and encrypt it. Below is a knowledge base article that should help 

On a computer you can open the vault folder however if the files have properly been secured all you can see is the encrypted database files. You will need to download the secureaccess for mac software and run that from the iXpand drive. It cannot be ran from a computer so the app needs to be copied to and ran from the ixpand itself. to view encrypted files on a computer you would need to run the secure access software and view them in the software itself.