V1 or V2?


I just bought a Fuze4, a few days ago, and wondered if someone could tell me how to determine if I have a V1 or V2 model?  

Advanced thanks.

This is actually in the FAQ. Check your firmware. If it starts with a 1 you have a version 1. If you have a 2, the version starts with 2.

And in anticipation of the likely follow-up question: no, you can’t “upgrade” a v1 to a v2 (or “downgrade” a v2 to a v1).

Newsman ~ Thanks.

Actually, perusing the FAQ’s was one thing that I hadn’t thought about doing, but I am very thankful for your response.  One thing that I did do, directly after purchasing this unit, was to update its firmware.  I do have v02.03.31A loaded, but had thought that the firmware was different from the model version of the unit itself - and I wasn’t able to gain clarification by notification on the body of the unit, or within any information that came with it.  

But, again, I appreciate your helpfulness.  

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