"V" rating for Extreme Pro UHS-II SDXC?

I was wondering if the Extreme Pro UHS-II SDXC card (rated at up to 300/260 MB/s read/write speed) has a “V” rating. 

As I understand it, a “V30” rating means that it is certified to have a Minimum Sequential Write Speed of 30 MB/s, a “V60” card rates at 60 MB/s, etc.  The rating is to determine if the card can handle recording specific codecs on specific video cameras, and this is assumably different than the old “U” (UHS Speed Class) ratings (e.g. “U1” for 10 MB/s, “U3” for 30 MB/s).  It is becoming more clear to me that the “up to XX/XX read/write speed” as most cards are advertised has little if any direct relationship to the “V” or even older “U” ratings.

I have a new Panasonic EVA1 video camera that will require a V60 card to record a new set of 4K codecs that will be released at the end of March, so basically I need something that can maintain a minimum sequential write speed of 60 MB/s.  It is a bit of a puzzle to see that the Extreme Pro UHS-II card, while rated at “up to” 300/260 MB/s read/write is only rated at U3 (30 MB/s) and has no “V” rating listed. 

Is this just older labelling/marketing that hasn’t caught up to the “V” standard yet?