Extreme SDHC Class 10 vs. Extreme III SDHC Class 6 at 30MB 200x

They both seem to have the same rates but call it different names and the label looks different.  What is up with this?  Are they the same cards by specifications?

they are both the same card really. class 10 was just now defined by the SD association so the cards were updated.  

To get clarification I have located two part numbers from vendors.



I seem to read that one is the Extreme and the other is the Extreme III?

In some support doc I thought I read that the Extreme’s will replace the ExtremeIII?

I am trying to NOT buy a card that has in anyway been phased out.

Can you clarify please?

both the new extreme and the older extreme 3 have the exact same part number. no way to tell when you are ordering online what you will get. the only difference in the part numbers you listed is -A31 is US packaging and -P31 is PAC Rim. 

just bought a nice camera, with HD capabilities. the seller warned me, to get a fast SD so it will not become a bottleneck for the video bit streaming.
so… i read a bit  and tried to understand which standard or marking will help me choose.
* According to WIKIs, the class determine some kind of minimum trasfer rate (6 MB for class 6 etc).
* According to Trancend web site the class 10 cards is up to 20 MB/sec
* SanDisk  cards - there are so many cards it’s very confuzing:
   1) extreme 3 which are marked class 6
   2) extreme 3 with 30 MB/sec also marked as class 6
   3) newer extreme also 30MB/sec but marked as class 10

someone can enlight me??

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Difference between Speed Class and Speed Ratings (performance) for SD/SDHC cards

is the SanDisk Extreme III HD Video card compatible with a fujifilm finepix s4000?

@jimr616 wrote:

is the SanDisk Extreme III HD Video card compatible with a fujifilm finepix s4000?

Did you try looking it up in the Product Compatibility widget on the Sandisk site?