SanDisk 16GB Extreme speed Ultra write speed?

Hi all,

I was told that even the SanDisk 16GB Extreme speed Ultra which boasts a 30mb/s speed refers to the read speed, whereas the write speed is at 15mb/s.

Can anyone confirm the approximate real-life write speed of this sandisk class 10 SDHC card?

I was also told that 10mb/s is enough for full HD video.  However, iIf a Sanyo (VPC-CG100) states 1920x1080 recording at “(60fields / sec., 16Mbps)” does anyone know if recording at 10mb/s (class minimum) would affect the video quality on this setting?

Full specs of the camera are here:

I’m trying to select the right SDHC card, and am not sure if the SanDisk card is worth the extra $ for write speed over other cards in its class.