SanDisk 16GB Ultra - original or fake?


I bought 3 x microSD from SanDisk - 16GB Ultra cl10, UHS-I but transfers while saving or reading is too low i suppose, below attachments:

Photographs of card:

Benchmark in ATTO (with adapter SD with reader SD):

  • Kingston 2GB microSD (some older card)

  • SanDisk 16GB (in the same SD reader)

  • SanDisk 16GB (the same but in another reader also using adapter)

All I want to know is if the cards (from SanDisk) are original or not? Are transfers correct or not? I expected transfers via 20-30MB/s (info on blister) but i have much lower transfers. Somewhere in Internet i found the intormation, that class 10 means that writing on card isn’t slower than 10MB/s, as you can see - something is not ok. Any suggestions?

Regards :slight_smile:

The readers you have do not seem to be UHS compatible readers. These cards have a 30MB/s read speed in UHS compatible readers only. If the reader is not UHS compatible 20MB/s is normal.

As for the write speed. If you read the back of the package you will notice it says “30MB/s read, write speed lower”. Class 10 only means the card has to have 10MB/s write speed and you will notice in the benchmarks the card does meet or exceed 10MB/s in almost all transfer sizes. Keep in mind only one transfer size is needed to meet the 10MB/s transfer rate for class 10.

The cards are real and they are performing as expected.

Thank you very much for support :wink: so i gotta buy some newer reader with UHS :slight_smile: btw - i saw the info about lower writing speed but i just didn’t know how much lower, that’s why i posted this topic.

Regards :slight_smile: