Sandisk mobile ultra microSDXC 64GB class 10

Can anyone tell me the speed test result for “Sandisk mobile ultra microSDXC 64GB class 10”. I think I get a fake card, the result on CrystalDiskMark read is 14.xxMB and write is 10.xxMB. It is normal?

I had given the card id of my Sandisk Class 10, 64Gb micro sd card to SanDisk for verification.  They confirmed I got a geniue one.  But after using the ATTO benchmark software to test its performance, the  average write/read speed is only reached  6.35 Mb/s and 18.99Mb/s respectively.

Have anyone carried out the similar test too?

what kind of card reader are you using? Keep in mind these are UHS-I cards so to see the full speed you will need a reader that is UHS-I compatible. 

I has inserted my card into a micro usb 2.0 stick and tested with a usb 3.0 input windows 8 PC.  The Sandisk technical support staff has sent me his test result. The ultra micro SDXC 64Gb Class 10 has only reached a top speed of near 21mb/s with a better test set up as follows:

"Dear Ken,

Thank you again for emailing SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product. I feel very sorry for my late reply on your case.I did an experiment yesterday evening that i connected a brand-new Mobile Ultra Micro SDXC 64GB card to a USB 3.0 port by using a SD-289,the most advanced card reader with USB 3.0 interface in SanDisk.The test result is 20 plus MB/s.Please see attachmen"