SD Ultra SDHC USD-I 16Gb

HI! The reading speed is up to 30Mb/s, but about writing speed is mentioned, that it’s lower. But, how lower? How much is writing speed? I bought the memory on eBay auction from China. H2testw programm shows 23,4Mb/s reading and 5,73Mb/s - writing speed. Can the card be fake or those is real speeds?

if it is a class 10 card the write speed should be at aleast 10MB/s. use ATTO to benchmark the cards. If you dont ahve it just google ATTO disk benchmark. This could be related to the reader you are using though. The cards will require a high speed reader. What kind of reader are you using?

I’m using an integrated SD reader on my notebook Lenovo G575. I tested A-DATA 8Gb 10 class card, it show 11,5Mb/s. And it work perfectly with my car DVR! I think, I bought a fake SanDisk memory card on eBay! I gonna kick them ass!!!