32GB Ultra 30MB/s Class 10 SDHC write speed confusion

I bought this card from online store and their product search found this card with 25 MB/s write speed filter. When I tested write speed with Kingston USB 3.0 card reader, I could barely get 10 MB/s. I have old 8 GB Sandisk Extreme HD Video Class 10 SDHC card which can write at 25 MB/s. Okay, 10 MB/s fits under Class 10 speed, but you could at least tell that it barely meets the minimum requirements for writing speed which is actually the only thing which matters for cameras and not just use words like “write speed lower”. Ultra card is a lot slower with continuous RAW shooting compared to my Extreme HD Video card. I can’t even do timelapse with faster than 3.5 seconds interval while Extreme HD Video can go at least 2 seconds interval without skipping.

If I buy 32GB Extreme 45 MB/s or 80 MB/s, what are their true write speeds? I would expect they should be faster than that old Extreme HD Video card?