Extrem HD Video 30MB/s 32GB vs Extrem 45MB/s 32GB

Hi guys,

I bought online an “Extrem HD Video 30MB/s 32GB” but I’ve recieved an “Extrem 45MB/s 32GB (appears a number 1 next to the Class 10, I don’t know what does it mean)” - Class 10 are both of them.

Well, so I was wondering which one of those is better? Should I send it back and reclaim for the one that I paid? Or the card that I’ve received is better?

The first is “HD Video” and goes up to 30MB/s.
The second one doesn’t have "HD Video label on it, but goes up to 45MB/s.

So I’m pretty confused about what to do.



sandisk recently changed the card so you ahve the latest version. It is faster at 45MB/s so you got the better deal. marketing dropped the HD video but this card is plenty fast enough to capture HD video at class 10. The I on the side of the card mean UHS-I which is the new SD spec. 

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Thank you very much drluky, finally someone answer me back.

Have a nice day :wink: