Difference between the Sandisk Extreme HD Video 30MB/s and Extreme 30MB/s and Extreme III


So there are 3 kinds of cards on the website really. What are the differences between the Extreme HD Video and Extreme, both having the 30MB/s tag?

Also, what kind of NAND do they use, SLC or MLC? Is that why they perform better.

And finally in terms of I/O performance (to use as an embedded drive) which one is best?


both are basically the same card. once they released the extreme Pro SDHC card they rebranded the Extreme to Extreme HD video. also new runs of the extreme HD video are UHS1 instead of class 10 like extreme 30MB/s. 

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Thank you for that!

So they are all the same,but which is much more upgraded?Thanks in advance.