The difference between Ultra class 6 (30mb/s) and Extreme class 10 (30mb/s)?


Could please someone tell me the difference between the two if they are both rated at 30mb/s?

Is the Extreme class 10 (30mb/s) simply the same card as the Ultra class 6 (30mb/s) with a different sticker?


no they are different technology. the ultra card is UHS-I the Extreme card is still on SD 2.0 spec and is not UHS

That doesn’t make sense either. Because, I just bought an Extreme SDHC UHS-1 Class 10 HD Video 30/mbps 16GB 200X full HD 3D  card… Crap! Why does marketing have to make such incomprehensibly long names…?

Can someone from Sandisk set the record straight?

The difference is the filesystem.  Which is why people are buying those 64 GB ultra 6 microsd’s and formating them and sticking them in their phone.  It’s the same card. 

The “extreme” derp class goes up to 32 GB.  Which is FAT32.

The “ultra” i like pudding class crosses that threshold and hits 64 GB and beyond.  Which use’s Microsucks own proprietary filesystem called exFAT.   Why did you do that SanDIsk?  Please, do tell.  How many winblows phones have you seen?  Anyway… moving on.

The cards are identical hardware from a connectivity point of view. 

So, what people with normal phones, like android, do is they get that 64 GB card.  Flatten that useless sack of Microsoft filesystem, and put the forcibly open filesystem fat32 on there.  That way, it’s not a paperweight. 

That’s it.  Tschus.