Sandisk Extreme Speeds 30MB/s Or 45MB/s


I had ordered a Sandisk Extreme SD card. The card that arrived was a Sandisk Extreme  32GB SDHC UHS-I and rated at 45MB/s part no SDSDX-032G-X46

So far OK.

However when I check on the UK Sandisk website I find I cannot find the card, what I do find is…

SanDisk Extreme® SDHC™ Cards are rated at 30MB/s and comes in 4/8/16/32GB size. Not 45MB/s as recived.

Plus the Sandisk Extreme that comes with 45MB/s is a SanDisk Extreme® SDXC™ UHS-I card is rated at 45MB/s and comes in 64/128GB size and not 32GB size I recived.

Also on looking at various websites in the UK it seems you can order an Extreme card and have no idea as to the speed of the card untill it arrives. As most only give the size of the card.

Is it that the Sandisk wedsite needs updating?

Is it that the card I recived is a fake, it’s not listed on Sandisk’s own website?

Or what?

Its all very confusing!

I would like to order another Extreme card that has a speed of 45MB/s and not 30MB/s but untill the websites selling them list the cards corectly (Amazon being one of them) and the card is listed on Sandisk,s website I will have to hang on.

Newegg used to sell one as shown here