Problem Extreme/Extreme Plus

I bought a SanDisk microSD card on Amazon few days ago. I chose the Extreme Plus one, with the 80mb/s speed, 64Gb version and Rescue Pro.

I received the card today and when I opened the Amazon packing, I saw it wasn’t a “Extreme Plus” card as it is waq mentionned on Amazon and the confirmation I received with the card but a “Extreme” card. But the real problem is that I read on Sandisk website that the “Extreme” card has a 45MB/s speed and hasn’t Rescue Pro but it is written on the packing of the card I received that is is a Extreme card with “Speed up to 80/MB/s” and “includes Rescue Pro”.

So it looks like I received a Extreme card but with the Extreme Plus specificities. Is it normal or is it an error? Should I send it back to Amazon? I don’t know what to do… i didn’t open SanDisk packing so I didn’t test the card.

I’m from France and bought it on Amazon France.


I had exactly the same experience with Amazon Italy and I’m also searching for confirmation that the microSD is actually an Extreme Plus with Extreme packaging.

However I went further, I opened the packaging and tested the card with H2testw and it reported the card as working properly and of correct size, so it’s not a fake, most probably.

Also the speed test results seem to match Extreme Plus specifications:

Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again.
Writing speed: 55.2 MByte/s
Reading speed: 68.6 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

We could try contacting Sandisk support for final confirmation…

Let me know if you find something more.

I had the same experience with my purchase from Amazon.  I bought a 32GB Extreme Plus SDHC card, and the card that I received said “Extreme” rather than “Extreme Plus.”  It was also black, rather than the gold “Extreme Plus” card shown on the website.  That was yesterday, and I told Amazon that I received the incorrect item, so they sent me another one.  Sure enough, today I received another black “Extreme” 32 GB card.  I then noticed that the read/write speed on the card package matched the “Extreme Plus” spec.  

I opened a Live Chat on the SanDisk site.  I explained the situation and also uploaded a photo of the SDHC that I received.  The SanDisk rep replied that the black “Extreme” card that I received from Amazon is indeed the same (with same spec and same performance) as the gold “Extreme Plus” card.  SanDisk has changed the labeling, and the card that I received comes from old inventory.  He also said that when I register the card, it will be registered as an “Extreme Plus” card.

One final note – on the Amazon product page, there is an image of the back of the packaging of the gold “Extreme Plus” card.  The UPC code in that image matches the UPC code on the package of the black “Extreme” card that I received.

I live in California, so this is not a Europe-only issue.

Hopefully, this clarifies things for you.