Help choosing a memory card

I just had my email answered from Canon that the SX230 does not support the new UHS-1 card. He would not suggest what speed would work best in this camera, only that Class 6 and above would work. Would anyone help with a suggestion? I am thinking a Class 10, 16gb but when I search for a SanDisk I keep seeing a discontinued notice (B&H). I would like to get the most current/useful for the camera as like all thinks electronic, something better is coming right behind it.  I need to order from the NY area as WA St isn’t scheduled to get either of these anytime soon per my local Kits store. Thank you!

if you are looking for class 10 cards look for SanDisk Extreme Video HD cards. they are the same thing as the Extreme class 10 with a new name. 

Thank you DrLucky, I was hoping you would answer my request. I did receive an email from Canon support that the SX230 would not support the UHS card. I then looked at the specs of the new SDXC card that it also supports. I love to take pictures but am not a pro so a good point and shoot works for me. In comparing the Class 10 to the SDXC card, it appears the 10 will write faster than the XC, isn’t that what I want for sports and the HD video that this camera can do?  Isn’t the XC just larger capacity, but slower?  I have to order both from the NY area so returning isn’t much of an option. Thank you again for the responses!

SDXC has nothing to do with speed it is the new spec for larger capacity. anything over class 6 would be fine. basically the camerqa will not take advatage of anything faster so going with class 6 or 10 will be the same. just FYI the new UHS card also handshak in as a class card in hosts that are not UHS compatible so even though your camera does not support UHS the card would work as a class 6 card. 

Thank you again! That makes sense; I am more interested in write speed than capacity as I can have different smaller cards and not have all my pictures on one card to accidentally lose or damage. I am in charge of picture taking at a WDW family reunion so wanted something small, fast and easy enough for someone else to grab and shoot some photo’s too. I didn’t want to miss grandma screaming as she took off on the rollercoaster! Thanks again and I will start looking for my card.