Using two computers to sync with and CD art missing?

I use windows XP WMP 11 in both my laptop and my wife desk top…  I ripped my music In my laptop and loaded it to the Fuze 8gb about 450 songs. Everything looks good and went well all CD cover art was in the player…  Ok I hook up to my wife’s computer to charge up my Fuze and decide to look through her music in WMP 11 * she uses it too* I see a few cd’s I liked so I  used the drag to method  in WMP 11 then hit sync…  all looked good till the other night i decided to play one of the cd’s from her computer… The few cd’s 4 or 5 I put in the Fuze from her computer play just fine but have no CD cover art. Everything else looked ok in my Fuze…  I checked her computer just to make sure the art was there and it was she used cd’s to rip her music too…  Any reason for this? I don’t understand what happened!  It was a few days before I decided to play the music I got from her computer so I don’t know if then art  ever made it into the Fuze or not… We both have a fuze and they are both set up in the USB  AUTO detect mode. Thanks! George

Message Edited by George-W on 09-07-2008 07:31 AM