No album art, WMP11, MTP mode, Fuze

Hi all. I’ve read numerous threads on album art issues, and I’m still not having luck. I have a Fuze 8GB and am using Windows Media Player 11 (“WMP”) on a Vista PC. ALL my albums in WMP on my desktop PC have album art. (It is the art that WMP automatically downloads when I rip  my CD’s using WMP.) There is no issue there. I have been doing a sync from within WMP to get music onto the Fuze. The music gets transferred no problem, but no album art gets onto the Fuze. I understand there are numerous ways to manually paste album art into the Fuze directory structure (the folder.jpg method, etc.). However, the purpose of syncing in my opinion is to avoid all that manual effort–and, well, a fully functioning MP3 sync solution does not require such manual tweaking. I have set the USB settings on the Fuze both to Auto Detect and to MTP (based on some posts suggesting that it must be in MTP to get album art over). This does not solve the problem. I have noticed some posts stating that WMP is successfully syncing album art for some people. If you are someone having such success, are you using WMP 11 or an earlier version?

I just got off the phone with SanDisk support and they stated it is a known issue that album art will not sync to the Fuze using WMP11 and it is up to Microsoft to fix it. SanDisk support said that if used WMP 10 I would have no problem. (Not an option for me.) I also noticed that Microsoft has a post stating there are known issues w/ album art and WMP 11 on another SanDisk player model (see ) MS of course states that it is up to the MP3 player manufacturer to supply new firmware.

So, does anyone have any insight on this? Does WMP 11 sync album art over to a Fuze or not? If so, what are the settings to use to achieve success? Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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I use Windows Media Player 11, v 11.0.5721.5230, on Windows XP Media Centre Edition, and my Album art is there. It must be Windows Vista, screwing around with ya. It has casued a million and a half sync issues with a million and a half devices. Just some suggestions:

  1. Try running WMP 11 in Windows XP compatibility mode. To activate that just right-click on the WMP 11 shortcut and click on the compatibilty tab, thn hit Run in: Windows XP compatibility mode. It may work; it may not.

  2. Why is Windows Media Player 10, not an option? It should run on Vista, but I don’t know if it is not compatible.

  3. If it just won’t work, try this:

  4. Download Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. 

  5. IF you have a Windows XP disc from somewhere, anywhere, continue. If you don’t, well, you pretty much can’t.

  6. Go to this site: 

 This Site Here

Don’t know if that will work, but, I hope you try it and see. 

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My bro does my album art. i wouldnt know. but when you buy songs from rhapsody it has album art

Well, how does your brother do it?

First step to solving the issue is to find out what is going on.

and btw, i made a mistake in my above post,  Microsoft Virtual PC does not support USB devices so it would not work.