Album Art on th Fuze

I just recently went through WMP11 and added all of my album art and fixed all of my tags. I then Deleted all of my music off my device (deleted the MUSIC folder) and re-synched it through WMP11. It converted everything to *.wma format, even *.mp3 files. NO album art shows up at all except the album art that was on there previously. How do I get my album art on there? It is all in WMP11. Please help!

Set the device to MTP (or Auto) mode,  for WMP to sync the art to the device.

Media Monkey can handle this in MSC mode,  You need a copy of a the art as “album art.jpg”  or “folder.jpg”  in each albums folder if you are using MSC mode.

I dont understand how to do it the other way (I dont want to change USB modes because I like to plug it into my 360 and play music/videos off it), can you explain how to do it for MSC mode? Xbox cant music in MTP (or Auto) mode.

XBOX works in “MTP”  mode.

If you use MSC mode,  it will work if you use MP3 files with embedded art in the tags.

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Thanks, it is syncing now. Gonna take another hour though. I formatted it (quicker than deleting everything), switched modes and tested some songs on it. Thanks man!

Hmm… shoulda tested it on my xbox too…

Anyone know if there’s a way to hook up my Fuze to my XBOX 360 and be able to play my videos I have on the Fuze to the Xbox? If so, that would be AWESOME!

System Settings -> USB Mode -> Select MSC Mode.

Plug it into your comp, upload some videos, plug it into your xbox. Viola! You should use a flash drive for that though. It is much easier especially considering you cant access any files you upload to it in the opposite mode in which you upload them. But above is what I did for videos. 

Wow thanks. I didnt even realize it worked on my xbox in MTP mode. It was on Auto all this time and automatically went to MSC mode (which, everytime I tried to play anything, didnt have anymusic on it) Wont play my videos that way though… Guess that means no watching iron man on my TV from my fuze. now I have to put the actual DVD in the player. Pity… Thanks again Sansafix!

OMG! I have been trying to find a solution to this problem for days.  Switching to MTP for WMP 11 works!  Thanks so much!