Album Art in Pictures folder; MTP mode

I have two issues with my Fuze. I just bought it yesterday morning, and after a long while getting all the tags and album info correct with all my songs, I looked through the Pictures section on the player and all of my album art is there, and it takes a while to sift through them and find the rest of my pictures. Is there any way to keep the .jpg’s in the Album folders without having them show up in Pictures?

Also, I’m using Windows Vista Home Edition, and I haven’t been able to get any device I own to work in MTP mode. I’ve tried the hotfixes and firmware updates and some other stuff that I’ve read around the internet, but to no avail. This isn’t a huge issue, since I’ve gotten pretty acquainted with MSC and dragging and dropping, but it would be nice to be able to use my player with Windows Media Player. Has anyone else had this problem?

Your album art needs to be set to “hidden”, or the Fuze happily finds the jpg files and adds them to photos.

DO NOT delete the photos while in the PHOTO mode, as it will erase your album art.

This is a bug that will hopefully be solved at the upcoming firmware update.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Here’s how to make the album art hidden.

With regards to MTP, unless you have DRM protected content, you are probably better off using MSC.  Much simpler implementation and more reliable.  Also you have the freedom to choose whatever tools you want to manage the player, you’re not stuck with WMP.

Seems like MTP gets more and more FUBAR’d every time MS releases a new version of WMP.  I’ve always thought it was pretty funny that Microsoft’s marketing-speak for MTP is “Plays for Sure”.  :wink:

Yeah, I’ve had at least half a dozen “Plays for Sure” devices, and not a single one works. I’m happy with MSC mode, I was just curious as to why I couldn’t use MTP. As for the album art, thanks for the help, that was getting really annoying.