Display Art there then gone on new Fuze

Hello all, new member here. First I apologize if this has been asked before. I looked but could not find the info I was looking for. When I first synced to Windows Media Player and loaded songs into my new Fuze there was cd cover art visible when I played a song. Now I have since checked for and downloaded updates to my Fuze and added many more songs. Now the cd covers are all identical generic covers. Where has the cd cover art gone? This Fuze is an 8 gig version.


Open the music folder and see if there is a file called folder.jpg or a file called album art.jpg. Then Delete that. You may loose album art on some of the files but it should fix the majority of your problem

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I opened both music folders, Fuze and Vista/Windows Media Player and there was no folder titled folder .jpg or album art.jpg.

HMMM… How is your art set yup? Is it embedded in the song or saved in the folder?

I went to the knowledge base and watched the instructional video. I’m going to try that.


Having a similar problem… I have a 4g Fuze and using WMP, recently purchased 16g card micro sd. Over a period of weeks I ripped my entire cd collection of approx 320cds/3725 songs to WMP at 128 bit rate, then transferred to the Fuze. Fuze was in MTP mode at the time (which I just read elsewhere won’t transfer the art) but album art transferred to Fuze without exception. And since all this music was choking out my computer, I deleted the entire WMP library, confident that all this was on the Fuze if i ever needed to dump it back into WMP. Went out and bought a few more cds (about 60 new songs), ripped them to the newly vacated WMP library, transferred the new music to the Fuze in MTP mode… album art disappeared on all tracks on the Fuze. So I guess I’m faced with either reripping 325 cds (not gonna happen any time soon), or plowing the music back into WMP and pasting the album art (less painful but still daunting). 

Is there a chance that this has anything to do with the mythical song limit? What are the typical symptoms when the song limit is reached (ie does the Fuze not allow more music to be transferred once the limit is reached, or does a degradation of existing data begin to occur?)

And Thanks to the experts who take the time to answer such questions…