Using the Sansa Clip in a car

I have the Sansa Clip, I figured out how to get it to work in my CRV by plugging it into the USB jack, but the Clip will say it’s playing a certain song, then I plug it in and it loads and plays a different song. I have the Clip set to random, but when I plug it in, it plays in order (Alphabetical). How can I tell it to play well with my CRV’s system? I couldn’t find any settings on the CRV, so I’m hoping it’s just a setting on the Clip that I’m missing. I want it to play Random through my CRV’s system.

Thanks for any suggestions.


An alternate method, if possible:  simply use an audio patch cord from the player’s headphone jack to a car stereo AUX IN jack, and then control the play from the player itself.   

When you plugin the Clip, the stereo is mounting it like a USB thumb drive. Nothing you’ve done or set on the clip will have any influence on what your stereo does. You need to tell the car’s stereo to play in random order. If the stereo doesn’t support that, you won’t be able to do it over USB. AUX should work though.