Using SandDisk Clip Sport Plus in car with no Auxiliary Port

My new auto does not have an Auxiliary Port to connect my MP3 player. It DOES have a type C USB port for data transfer. All the cables that are USB-C/Auxiliary seem to be for putting the USB end in the device, and the Aux. end into the port. Can these cables be reverse used, so the Aux. goes in the MP3, and the USB into the port of the car?

Maybe you could try a cable that has micro USB on one end (for the SanDisk) and USB-C on the other end (for your auto connection)? My Toyota has a USB-A input port and I plug in a simple 16gb USB flash drive loaded with folders of mp3 files.

hmm…I’ll try that, as I think I have one, but I thought the micro USB on the SanDisk was for downloading files to the MP3 player, only. I didn’t think I could play from it. I also have books stored on a 16gb USB flash drive, so I’ll also try playing them directly from there. Thanks for the feedback. I’ll let you know how I make out.

OK…UPDATE: it read the Clip Sport, but there was no way I could select any file in particular. It went directly to the SD card in the player, and played the first file. Stop/play/rewind is done directly from the car’s screen, not the player. Will continue to see if there are other options for me.

Update again. Bought the cable, connected it to the new auto. “Your device is not supported” was the message. So, will listen to books at home, and move the SD card of music to the phone to listen to in the car.