using (charging) c240 on my mac powerbook g4

I bought my son the c240 and he’s thrilled. unfortunately, can’t get it to work.
When I plug it in to the USB port, it lights up and we get the SanDisk icon, but nothing else (no “connected” or “charging”) and then we can’t get any menu to show up or get it to work. Any suggestions?

We don’t need to load music from the mac/itunes (although that would be nice) just charge it. Do we need to buy a charger (didn’t come with one)? We were told at the store, that this should not be a problem and we could even migrate files to it on the mac, but all i want to do now is get it charged so he can use it!

Thank you so much!

Does the device turn on when it’s not connected to the computer or is the battery too low?  If it does turn on what version of the firmware do you have?  To check go to the settings menu and select Info.  The version will be listed there.

The player charges through the computer’s USB port.

Yes, the device does turn on (lights up and i get the SanDisk icon) but no other msg. Even if i leave it in there for hours…don’t have a signal that its getting a charge other than it being lit up. Don’t know what version of “firmware” - I have a mac powerbook and didn’t load anything on it. I can’t check any info on the device itself cause the menu won’t show anything (although it did when I first took it out of the package). I did charge thru USB port. I will try software, but thought with a Mac it would’t work. Hence just trying to use the mac to charge the device and not anything else.

If I read your post correctly the player freezes on the SanDisk screen when turning the device on.  To resolve that press and hold the menu button for 30 to 45 seconds while the player is frozen on that screen.

You can also try this but it’s not guaranteed to work because we aren’t sure what version of the firmware you have…

Turn the player on
Engage the hold switch
Hold the Rewind button
Plug the device in to the computer