charging c250

I know very little about mp3 players but when I bought a c250 I asked the clerk if the package contained everything I need. She assurred me it did. Upon opening the package, I find the player will not stay on when turned on…does the battery not come charged? Must I now buy a charger?

it comes with a charge, its that cable with a usb port at the end. And does it not turn on at all? usually they ship electronics with the slightest amount of power.

Although i would say go ahead and connect it to your computer for a few hours to be safe.

Thanks, Enigma…I’ve plugged it in - it flashed on for a second and went off…I assume it’s charging. When I unpacked it, it had enough charge to stay on for apx. 3 seconds…However, it has not been detected by the OS automatically as the “Quick Start Guide” says it will…should I try to turn it on?

it should tell you its charging when its connected to the computer, take out the battery and connect it to the computer, if it stays turned off while its connected then you should take it back to the store. Unfortunately you may have bought a lemon.

tried that…it comes on just long enough (few seconds) to show a picture of a lock and then goes off…lemon?


why didn’t you mention the lock? Its on hold buddy. just slide the switch on the side of it so it doesnt show the orange. The End.

thanks…like I said, I know nothing about these things…just wanted to try one…too old for today’s music and my favorite oldies fm station has gone to a talk format…thought I’d record some oldies to listen to…

Thank you, you two! I just got a c240 and was having the SAME exact experience. Thanks for being vulnerable Sabot - it helped me and I got a good giggle, Enigma, over the final answer. Good to see good community here. I guess I’ll stick around… I’m off to have fun finding music… (And I hear you about missing the oldies - which for me is like Motown and Kingston Trio, Chapin, etc.)

Too bad the Quick Start Guide doesn’t warn you about this because this is the way it comes from the factory… DOH!

I’m having a similar problem, but its showing a battery rather than a lock. Its plugged into the computer thru the usb port and everything. Any suggestions?

Ender,  I see you all over the place you must be an employee.  Since this problem happens so often why don’t you suggest to the tech writers to add this to the product docs as something to check at initialization?  I just had the same problem read all the docs and the .pdf and there was no reference to this situation.  Took 45minutes to finally go thru all the registrations and docs.  WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME.  Seems that the ‘Hold’ but comes in the locked position at purchase.

just a sad guy with nothing better to do with my life =\ , I figure answer a few questions on this forum is easy enough.

I visit a ton of forums, anatech, some gaming ones… I’m all over the place.

I think they stopped shipping newer products with the hold position on. I could be wrong