Problems galore - c240

Starting from the beginning …

How do you recharge the battery?

When I turn on the player, it comes on for two second and all I see is a lock on screen before it turns off. I cannot access the menu.

I’ve connected the player to my computer (with Vista) but the computer does not recognize it.

Okay, I moved the hold button … be nice if they mentioned that somewhere.

I still need to know how to charge the battery … do I just plug it into the computer?


 Many of us ran into the same issue.  You charge the battery via the USB cable used to transfer data between the computer and the player.  You should see the little battery symbol in the upper right slowly flash to indicate that it is charging.  I have not found any reference to tell me how long it should take to fully charge.

The user documentation is on the CD that should have come with the player, that helps some but is not as thourough as I would like.

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Okay, so now I have it hooked up to the computer and all I am seeing is the messsage Connesso. What’s going on.

Connesso means ‘connected’ in Italian.  You may have to change your language settings (look under the Settings menu when your device is not connected.)

How long should it be connected? It’s been over an hour. What’s it doing?

Hi Ray,

Probably nothing (other than charging).  Once it’s connected, you need to use player software like Yahoo Music Jukebox or Windows Media Player to transfer songs to it.  That should all be covered in the manual that came with the device.


Three hours later and it’s still connecting.

the player is suppose to say connected when tis connected it my computer, are you not seeing it in my computer, how about device manager? does the same thing happen on different comptuers?

I finally just turned off the computer but now the problem is everytime I hook it up to the computer I just keep getting the Connected message and I can’t Safety Remove Hardare. It keeps telling me it can’t disconnected it because a program is still using it, even though I have closed all programs.

What operating system are you using?..a few more details might help. Windows XP does not require you to “safely remove hardware” for usb ported devices. A device can be removed at any time once any transfers back and forth are completed. There are many different things that could be going on, but a place to start is by letting us know what your operating system is.

My C240 will not indicate whether my battery is fully charged either, but I would assume that if it has been connected to your pc for 3 hours, it should be well charged .

My computer has Vista.

Then there should be no problem removing your device any time you choose as long as it is not in the middle of a file transfer. There is no need to click the “safely remove device” option in the taskbar.

Ignor everything unplug the cable fron the c240 wait a few seconds and you should get the menu … press up or down until you are at settings the change language to english… and while it is disconnected you should see a battery in the top right corner if its completely green then its fully charged… if you see a padlock switch your hold button and wait a few seconds it will go away and you will be at the menu screen the center button is “enter” the black bars around the button are up, down, left and right ror scrolling and selection changes…
good luck

Ok, now the screen is frozen on connect with no movement on the screen (no arrows moving). I can’t turn it off and I can’t get it to connect to the computer so … HELP!!!

The computer is saying the device has malfunctioned and Windows does not recgonize it.

Okay, I finally manged to get off so never mind. For now.