C240 Frozen Solid

I have had the C240 for about a month.  It has periodically frozen and I removed and replaced the battery and it was OK for awhile.  I downloaded the latest firmware and now it freezes edverytime I turn it on.  When I plug it into the computer it freezes.  If I remove the battery it shows connected but when I open the drive I get several folders but no media folder.  If I replace the battery the computer doesn’t recognize it and it freezes again.  I tried the safe mode thing and it didn’t help.  ( I had to remove the battery just to connect it for safe mode.)  Please Help.  I’m about ready to take it back and try something else.

It sounds like you could have the firmware that they recently decided to rollback from. If you contact SanDisk Technical Support (866-SANDISK), they should be able to send you the rollback firmware to your email address, along with instructions. It may resolve your freezing issue, espically if the initial installation was corrupt. Worst case, they can replace it if its defective.

I contacted them and I’m waiting for them to send the firmware.  What a pain to have to go through all this.  I was on the phone with the guy for 45 minutes.  He even wanted me to find a different computer because mine wouldn’t recognize the player.  It did before I updated the firmware!!!  I could have gone to my Imac but I didn’t EVEN want to go that route.  It’s great that people like you are here to help us poor souls lost in electronic LA LA LAND.