Using 8 gig micro sd card with sansa fuze 4 gig

I put several photos on 8 gig card, but the sansa fuze only displayed about 25% of photos (400mb only) my photos are at 460x480 resolution.When I hook up to computer it displays all photos about 2.3 gigs. I noticed on box it says displays up to 2000 photos, does this mean only 2000 photos even with an 8 gig card? What good is a 8 gig card if

I can only use 400 mb only? Is it only good for video only not photos? I tried asking at sansas web page but they don’t answer me. Would it work better if I downloaded all

photos with Sansa fuze hooked up to computer, I put the card only into computer and downloaded photos which was much faster. Help me please! Thanks Bob

The pics are probably in a format or resolution incompatible with the Fuze. You could use Sansa Media Converter to transfer the pics, it will convert them to the proper resolution and format.

OK . . . I’ll bite.

Why are you putting such humongoid photos on a card inserted in a player that will only display them at approx. 170 x 170? Anything more is not only a gross waste of memory, it can cause reading problems when the player trys to de-cypher such a large picture.

Also, relealize that the more the player has to ‘down-size’ the photo in order to display it, the more jumbled and pixelated that photo is going to apprear. In other words, it’s going to look like cr@p! You’re much better off (all the way around) by re-sizing your photos to 200 x 200 pixels (or even less) before you place them on the player or card. They’ll look a heck of a lot better, and you’ll have tons more room for plenty more, if that’s your thing.

Use Sansa Media Converter!

It’s not so great for video but it does an okay job of formating jpegs for proper display at an efficient filesize.

Too bad those mopes eliminated the “crop” feature!

Edit size and cropping in Photoshop or Microsoft Photo and Video Editor first before cranking through SMC.

The sansa media converter is easy to use to transfer your photos to the fuze.   And it comes out looking good on the screen, clear and colorful, like the original photos.  If I want to crop or change the photo in anyway, I use a software called GIMP.  Someone recommended it on this board and it’s a great program to have.  The media converter will also group photos together like a playlist.

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You said why am I wasting space at the resolution I’m using, I have a 8 gig card and am only using 2 gigs of it so I have loads of space on card. But I’ll try what you said and lower resolution to 200x200, Thanks