Use with Vista?

I have read lots of reviews on this device and it sounds like a great buy BUT I have read that it is not compatible with Windows Vista.  Does anyone know if this is true?  I have Windows Media Player 11.  Thanks so much for any info on this matter.   

Sansa Clip will work with WMP11 and Vista.

How do you do it then? Please explain!!!

Read and follow the manual (available here)?  Are you having an issue?  If so, please desribe it in particular so that others may try to help.

To transer unprotected music (that is, music without Digital Rights Management (DRM)), you simply plug the Clip into your computer, your computer sees it as another drive, and then you drag and drop music files from your computer folders to the Music folder on the Clip.  You also may use WMP to transfer music.

I really need some help. I have formated this thing 5 times. I have performed the hold lock & pressing & holding down the middle button while inserting usb into computer. I have tried this on XP & Vista OS. I installed the software disk but I still can get either pc to see the device. Does any one have a copy of the software listed online. The web site doesn’t have the installation driver. Please Please help me. I am about ready to return it to Best Buy.

here is the link for the sansa updater. 

Ok…here is something you might want to do…I know you already formatted your device a zillion times already but please do it one more time using the Format option under Settings menu in your device…then restart your computer…then plug in your computer again after restarting to see if it recognizes now…if not…here is one thing you could do…go to this link

download the USBDeView software and see if the registry has the player in there…select it and delete it and then plug in your PC again to see if it will re-register the device and works…hope this will help.