Is there anyway...(please read)

Is there anyway that I could get my sansa clip to work on my windows vista? When I bought it, I didnt look enough to see if it works on Vista’s and I went home and started to read the guide and it said that it required windows xp. So I was just wondering if there was anyway I could make it work or else I have to return it. Thank you… would appreciate any help.:smiley:

Yes it works on Vista


Make sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed, and that should be all you need.

I have version 11 but everytime I plug the USB. The sansa clip player doesnt even pop up like it said it would. it only charges my sansa clip. Could you give me a step by step instructions cause I cant figure it out. In my “My Computer” there is no “Sansa Cip”

wait. i think i figured it out. wait

Ok now the question is how do I transfer my limewire music to my sansa clip?

i think i figured it out too i think
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You go, girl!