USB-Stick functionality


is the Sansa Express SanDisks only MP3-player featuring USB-stick functionality (e.g. plugging it in a pc without needing an extra cable) at the moment?

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The Sansa Express has a direct usb connector, so no need for a cable!

No it also functions as a usb drive. You can drag data onto it as well

Yes, but there are caveats.  I live and die on a usb drive.  I plug it and unplug it between 3 machines at home and work all day long.  I was extremely excited to get the Express so I could do this and get an MP3 player to boot.  I bought a 2gb sandisk micro sd card, which is a nice replacement to my old 1 gb thumbdrive.

The only problem is that everytime you plug and unplug the device, it completely loses where ever you are in a pod cast or in your play list.  Even if you do the “shut down while playing” trick, it still screws it up.  Add tihis to the not-really-random random shuffle, and it is very annoying.

If you intend to use it as a USB stick, just be aware of the tradeoffs.

One other thing, you have to load the device as a MSC, but if you need to update the firmware or sync songs or playlists, you need to be in MTP mode.  That is another annoyance, but in this case, I don’t think Sandisk can do anything to fix it.

Well… thank you for all your answers, they were helpful in anyway - but I am sorry to say; you did not answer my question. I will try to explain better: I want an MP3 player with an USB-plug (“no extra cable needed”) - and I know the Sansa Express has this. BUT: Are there other players of SanDisk having this, too? I hope I articulated a bit clearer this time :slight_smile:

At this time, that is the only SanDisk Sansa MP3 player, with that feature.

Thanks Baggage for the short and pregnant answer! Your forum is great :slight_smile:

I’ve seen this at Wal-mart:

Don’t know a thing about it, but it almost looks like a rebranded express.  Button layout and everything.  Doesn’t come with a lanyard, and doesn’t have expandable micro-SD card support, so not sure why you’d consider it over the express, unless it is less buggy.

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