USB Powered?

I am looking for a something simple, an MP3 player with FM radio cabability, which I can use to plug into my work computer’s USB port and use that as the power source. Currently, I have a SanDisk Sansa M240 which gives me this cabability, but I have to remember to carry spare rechargeable batteries.

I assume this Express device would allow me to plug in the a USB port, and listen to audio (MP3 or FM) during the work day, and possibly charge the battery in the mean time, or at least while the device is powered off.

Also, it apears this device comes with a USB cord which can be used as an extension cord. Is this actually the case? Or, can other Sandisk USB cables be substituted.

I’ve see a few posts about battery life, is this a real issue?

I’d appreciate any information (or alternate products).


You can’t use it as a player when its plugged into a USB port.  Its in file transfer mode then, and the controls don’t work. 
It does come with a short Male to female extension cord.  Most USB cables are Male to Male.