Recommended replacement for Sansa Express

By now I have a small collection of Sansa Express MP3 players.  I can’t tell you how many because most of them are at Sansa support being repaired or replaced.   The players are constantly being recycled through Sansa support as they continue to break down.

The most recent Sansa Express lasted a whole day before malfunctioning.   The scenario is typical.  It plays for awhile and then suddenly drops into “slow down” mode.  In this mode, the audio stops for about 10 seconds, then one second of audio.   Now it will no longer connect to the USB port. 

I have gone through all the usual “debricking” procedures with my set of SE players.  I have reset, formatted, reloaded firmware.  I am tired of this nonsense. 

I really like the features of the Sansa Express.   I like the lithium battery that recharges when connected to the USB port.  I like that it is small and convenient to carry.  I like the flash disk that will not skip while exercising.  I like that the Sansa Express is relatively inexpensive.

I don’t need video.  I don’t need a huge auxiliary hard disk that is prone to skipping. 

I would like a more reliable MP3 player, one that will last more than a week before breaking down. 

I’m guessing that there are other former Sansa Express buyers who have become similarly disgusted by the unreliability of the Sansa Express and have moved on to purchase other players.   I’m interested in your recommendations.  

I advise that you send me a PM for any non-Sansa player you recommend.  I’m not certain that a posting which includes naming non-Sansa product will survive moderation on this board.

If you want to continue with Sansa players, try the Clip. The Clip has great reviews for sound quality, it is moderately priced, small in size and uses a USB connector instead of a proprietary cable. The drawback is that it does not have expandable memory.

If you want a USB stick type player, there are quite a few others. Creative, iRiver and Samsung to name a few make this type of player. Though you may not find one that has both expandable memory and a rechargeable battery.

For more information on the players, check the reviews at anythingbutipod,

You can also check the reviews at CNET and user feedback at Amazon.

Thanks Mr_Moose.

I tried sending you a PM to thank you but you aren’t PM enabled.  I hope the information you provided is helpful to those of us who have become disenchanted with the unreliable Sansa Express and are looking for a suitable replacement.

I also bought a Cowon D2 because it plays FLAC and APE. Sound quality is among the best, it takes memory cards. 

Going by the comments at D2 forums users are very happy too.

I use PMPs only when active outdoors. D2 is much larger than the SE.  So I use the SE much more.


I have had problems with the SE but nothing a reset or format couldn’t cure.

Cute little SE has its bugs. But they are very usable, thanks to various tips in this forum.

Wow, you have really bad luck,

I have 3 Sansa Expresses, and they all work fine!  I bought the extra 2 because I heard Sandisk made the stupid decision to stop making them.

The Sansa Express is as close to Perfect as exists.

The only thing that would make it slightly more perfect was if it as recognised as a USB drive in newer car stereos.  I imagine the fact it appears as 2 drives is why it isn’t compatible.