Source code?

Is there anyone out there that has disassembled the firmware to the sansa express. I like this product, it has alot of potential. I hate the fact sansa is not coming out with newer firmware. I find the current version to be very flakey, and extremely annoying. I wouldn’t mind tinkering with the firmware a bit to streamline it, maybe a few of us can come up with a home brew version of the firmware?

Annoyances, I have a 2 gig version working with a 8 gig microsd, for a total of ten gig. Many times I turn it on it’ll reset, or power off by itself. It does not automatically play when powered on, so when it does boot up correctly and I don’t hit play, it will power off after a short period. I have it going into my sterio and the default volume is much too low. It does not save the last volume, so I must crank it everytime. Sometimes enabling shuffle will reset/power off the sanza. I always wanted a delete function on it so when playing a song i can hit a button to delete that song. FM tuner and voice recording are useless for me. Recording is too short, I would record my german class, so i can hear the pronouciations from my teacher. However class is 3 hours long. I don’t want a mp3 player with a big screen, I like this compact device. Very dissapointing that sandisk could not do more with it. I know there are some cheaper units that have been hacked pretty good.

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