Before you buy a sansa express

Check this out before you go and buy a sansa express. Many people are having problems with it. Mainly because it is cheap. Make sure you do your reasearch before you buy. I wish i had.

To be fair, nobody makes unhappy posts in intarweb forums when everything works perfectly. :slight_smile:

I’ve had an Express since shortly after release and while there were a few quirks here and there, I’ve never had any real problems with mine.  IMHO it’s a decent little player for the price.

exact same here

I’ve had no major problems with mine either.  I just wish SanDisk would create a stable firmware for it.  Releasing a device without a stable firmware is like selling an incomplete product that is still being developed.

I received a Sansa Express for Christmas as a replacement for a Sony player that fell into some water.  From a user interface point of view the Sansa is better designed.  From a quality point of view the Sony was vastly superior.  I’ve only had the player a few weeks and have had to reformat it, reset it, and reflash it multiple times to fix hangs, file transfer problems, and other operational failures.  I’m going to keep using it for a few months so my daughter knows how much I appreciate her thoughtfulnes.  Then I’m going to “lose” it and get a new player from anyone but Sansa.

On second thought tossing the MP3 player wouldn’t be the right thing to do.  It was gift from someone I love so I guess I’ll just keep reseting, reflashing, and reformting it for as long as I can.  By the way I bought her a SanDisk USB flash drive.  I hope SanDisk did a better job with that than they did with this.