USB drive OSX secure access vault app does not recognize drive as sandisk

I have used a 64GB sandisk usb drive for 3 years. I have 7GB of data encrypted under the secure access vault. Last week I tried to access it and had an error message telling me that the secure access app can only work on a sandisk product. I cannot access my data now. I tried to re install the app but no luck. What to do?

Hi @mikethomas,

Please refer to the article SanDisk SecureAccess 3.02 Support Information:

Thanks, here is the extended overview of the issue I’m facing… I downloaded the new Pivate Access and installed. I have my encrypted data vault under Secure Access vault. I need to transfer the files to the Private Access… I tried to copy the secure access vault data to private access which it did, however, the files were not readable… I think it just encrypted the already encrypted files… Secure Access for MAC is no longer working, so I have no access to my data …